Medea's Nation

In this self-funded documentary I highlight the significant female figures in Georgian history and their contribution to the nation. Also, I wanted to open a conversation about women's role in society today and social expectation of women in Georgia.


Story of George Balanchine was told in many forms and mediums. There is more than one documentary about the great American cultural figure. Nevertheless, in this small documentary I’ve focused who he was as a Georgian and immigrant. With only living direct relative’s blessing I was fortunate to shed some light on some of the untold story of Balanchine.

The Wall

The Wall is an emotionally charged dramatic short-film of one couple’s struggle to come to terms with the grief of losing a child. The story was inspired by my own and my dear grandmother’s experience. I would like to share my emotional journey with public and offer some sort of consolation to the ones who share the similar journey.